Building Process

Our Process:

Our expertise and strength is in part derived from our extensive and thoughtful advanced planning. Our experience has shown us that this is the key to completing your project on time and on budget.

A partial list of the skills and experience we will apply to your project includes:

Trouble shooting design details, value engineering finishes to match budgets, assisting on-site evaluation of the lot and lot selection and early budgeting based on conceptual and preliminary designs and detailed scopes of work. Your project will be overseen and directed personally by Jerry Swanson and Jordin Swanson resulting in a well ran project and you getting the best results possible.

 This is what we do:

 The Conceptual Estimate:

Our first step begins with a “snapshot” estimate of your budget and project requirements that is derived from a conceptual set of plans.

 The Preliminary Estimate:

Working from your preliminary plans, each aspect of the job is categorized into line items and quantities of necessary labor and materials. Using unit costs, a detailed estimate is created that outlines the likely cost of your project.

 The Scope of Work:

To develop the scope of work and to help us understand your goals, you will attend planning meetings where your choice of materials and certain design elements are determined. You will be offered many suggestions concerning the cost of completing your project based on the choices you make. 




More detailed format to follow

Construction Begins

Changes and approvals occur... Now the construction begins!
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